Wacky Sinkers

Wacky Sinkers

The Elken Wacky Sinkers are made to insert into the head, tail or both ends of a wacky rigged plastic bait. A sinker in the head of the plastic bait helps it land head first on the bottom and allows the tail section to stand up off the bottom so that it is more visible to fish. Rod twitches cause the tail to wiggle and the head to stir up the bottom like a feeding minnow. Sinkers in both head and tail allow the bait to fall more evenly, but emphasize the bait's motion as it is shaken or twitched.

Use: Wacky fishing plastic baits with a weight in one end.

Sizes: 3/32 oz., 1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., 1/4 oz., 5/16 oz.

Jig/Sinker Paint Colors:
Plain – unpainted(P00), Black(P01), Black -Blue Flake(P02), Brown Smoke(P03), Brown(P04), Root Beer(P05), Copperhead(P06), Pumpkinseed(P07), Gold(P32), Light Gold(P30), Green Pumpkin(P08), Dark Green Pumpkin(P09), Roadkill(P35), Green Gourd(P10), Watermelon(P11), Watermelon-Red Flake(P25), Baby Bass(P12), Dark Baby Bass(P23), Watermelon Pepper(P13), Yellow (P26), Yellow Chartreuse(P27), Green Chartreuse(P14), Glow Flame Orange(P15), Flor Orange(P38), Pearl Pink(P33), Hot Pink(P16), Red(P17), Raspberry(P36), Purple(P18), Junebug(P19), CandyBug(P29), Blue Smoke (P34), Blue (P28), Sapphire (P37), Dragonfly (P22), Silver (P31), Gray Smoke(P24), Smoke Pearl(P20), Pearl White(P21)

Glitter Paint Colors:
Holographic Gold Glitter (G01), Holographic Silver Glitter (G02), Firecracker Glitter (G03), Chartreuse Glitter (G04), Green Glitter (G05), Blue Glitter (G06), Purple Glitter (G07), Red Glitter (G08), Orange Glitter (G09), Black Glitter (G10)

View Jig/Sinker Paint Colors in the Jig Paint Color Chart

Ordering Information:

Painted Wacky Sinkers

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
3/32 oz. 12 S-Wacky-3/32-b12-(color) $5.10
1/8 oz. 12 S-Wacky-1/8-b12-(color) $5.10
3/16 oz. 12 S-Wacky-3/16-b12-(color) $5.10
1/4 oz. 12 S-Wacky-1/4-b12-(color) $5.10
5/16 oz. 12 S-Wacky-5/16-b12-(color) $5.10
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
3/32 oz. 25 S-Wacky-3/32-b25-(color) $9.95
1/8 oz. 25 S-Wacky-1/8-b25-(color) $9.95
3/16 oz. 25 S-Wacky-3/16-b25-(color) $9.95
1/4 oz. 25 S-Wacky-1/4-b25-(color) $9.95
5/16 oz. 25 S-Wacky-5/16-b25-(color) $9.95

Plain Wacky Sinkers

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
3/32 oz. 12 S-Wacky-3/32-b12-(P00) $3.25
1/8 oz. 12 S-Wacky-1/8-b12-(P00) $3.25
3/16 oz. 12 S-Wacky-3/16-b12-(P00) $3.295
1/4 oz. 12 S-Wacky-1/4-b12-(P00) $3.25
5/16 oz. 12 S-Wacky-5/16-b12-(P00) $3.25
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
3/32 oz. 25 S-Wacky-3/32-b25-(P00) $6.25
1/8 oz. 25 S-Wacky-1/8-b25-(P00) $6.25
3/16 oz. 25 S-Wacky-3/16-b25-(P00) $6.25
1/4 oz. 25 S-Wacky-1/4-b25-(P00) $6.25
5/16 oz. 25 S-Wacky-5/16-b25-(P00) $6.25

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