Wacky O-rings

Wacky O-rings

Wacky rigging is an effective way to fish stickbaits; the hook is attached in the middle of the bait and both ends of the bait wiggle and move as it sinks through the water. The problem is that the stickbaits have to be soft to work well and soft baits tear and/or are thrown by bass during the fight. Adding an o-ring to the stickbait and hooking under it rather than through the bait reduces the number of torn and lost baits.

To use the o-rings when wacky rigging, slip the o-ring over the stickbait and move it to the middle of the bait and slip the hook under the o-ring. Because the bait is attached via the O-Ring, this manner of rigging virtually eliminates the hook ripping out of the bait.

You can use Elken Sickle Dropshot hooks for weightless wacky rigging, or Elken Wacky or Mini Wacky Jigheads when you want a little weight when wacky rigging stickbaits. A different weighting option is to add an Elken Wacky Sinker to the head of the stickbait to change the way the bait falls and sits on the bottom.

Use: to wacky rig stickbaits.

Sizes: fit standard size 4" and 5" stick baits

Colors: Black

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25 O-rings-25p-(black) $2.59