Toad / Frog Hooks

Toad/frog Hooks

Toad/Frog fishing is a hot bass fishing technique that uses large, strong hooks rigged in a plastic toad/frog body fished on the surface. Toad/Frog Hooks meet the needs of this technique with a premium Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hook with a stainless steel baitkeeper spring installed. The new stainless steel springs are stronger than the copper HitchHikers. The extra wide gap hook ensures a good hookset even with bulky plastic baits and is strong and sharp enough to handle big bass. The spring is inserted into the nose of the plastic toad/frog, holding it more securely than a normal worm hook. The point of the hook is inserted into the bait like a normal Texas rig.

Use: Bass fishing: for fishing plastic toad or frog baits, magnum super flukes, or small hollowbody swimbaits around weeds or other cover, or in open water.

Mustad 91768BLN: 4/0 (04), 5/0 (05)
Mustad 91768RED: 4/0 (24), 5/0 (25)
Eagle Claw EL111BP: 4/0 (14), 5/0 (15)

Ordering Information:

Frog / Toad Hooks

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
4/0 3 H-Frog-4/0-b3-(hook) $3.70
5/0 3 H-Frog-5/0-b3-(hook) $3.90
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
4/0 6 H-Frog-4/0-b6-(hook) $7.30
5/0 6 H-Frog-5/0-b6-(hook) $7.50
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
4/0 12 H-Frog-4/0-b12-(hook) $14.25
5/0 12 H-Frog-5/0-b12-(hook) $14.80

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