Tail Spin

Tail Spin Lure

The teardrop shape of this classic tailspinner permits you to cast it like a bullet, and the heavily vibrating blade gives plenty of thump and flash. Jig it vertically or cast it out and bring it in with an aggressive lift-and-drop retrieve. A ripping technique is deadly near the bottom, and nothing is better for schooling fish. Teardrop shape and center-line balance allow it to "parachute" down with the spinner blade creating a wiggle and flash that drives fish wild. The lure features a high quality treble hook, Crane swivel, spinner blade, oven-cured powder paint, and holographic eyes. The unique head shape provides darting, diving bait fish action, while the spinner provides flash attraction to trigger a strike. Now with a molded-in eye sockets to protect the eyes.

Use: Vertical jigging, casting out and working back, or cast to schooling fish.

Sizes: 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., 5/8 oz., and 3/4 oz.

Hooks: #6 (06), #4 (04), #2 (02)

Blades: #2 Silver (06), #2 Hammered Silver (04), #2 Brass (02)#2 Hammered Brass (02), #3 Silver (06), #3 Hammered Silver (04), #3 Brass (02)#3 Hammered Brass (02), #3.5 Silver (06), #3.5 Hammered Silver (04)

Eyes: Gold Holo (E01), Silver Holo (E02), Red Holo (E03), Chartreuse Holo (E04), Pink Holo (E07), Blue Holo (E08), Red Fluor (E05), Chartreuse Fluor (E06)

3-D Eyes: 3-D eyes are available for an additional $0.10 per jighead.
Gold 3-D (E11), Silver 3-D (E12), Red 3-D (E13), Chartreuse 3-D (E14), Pink 3-D (E17)

Jig Paint Colors:
Plain – unpainted(P00), Black(P01), Black -Blue Flake(P02), Black -Red Flake(P39), Brown Smoke(P03), Brown(P04), Root Beer(P05), Copperhead(P06), Pumpkinseed(P07), Gold(P32), Light Gold(P30), Green Pumpkin(P08), Green Pumpkin -Red Flake(P40), Dark Green Pumpkin(P09), Roadkill(P35), Green Gourd(P10), Watermelon(P11), Watermelon-Red Flake(P25), Baby Bass(P12), Dark Baby Bass(P23), Watermelon Pepper(P13), Yellow (P26), Yellow Chartreuse(P27), Green Chartreuse(P14), Glow Flame Orange(P15), Flor Orange(P38), Pearl Pink(P33), Hot Pink(P16), Red(P17), Raspberry(P36), Purple(P18), Junebug(P19), CandyBug(P29), Blue Smoke (P34), Blue (P28), Sapphire (P37), Dragonfly (P22), Silver (P31), Gray Smoke(P24), Smoke Pearl(P20), Pearl White(P21)

Glitter Paint Colors:
Holographic Gold Glitter (G01), Holographic Silver Glitter (G02), Firecracker Glitter (G03), Chartreuse Glitter (G04), Green Glitter (G05), Blue Glitter (G06), Purple Glitter (G07), Red Glitter (G08), Orange Glitter (G09), Black Glitter (G10)

View Jig Paint Colors in the Jig Paint Color Chart

Two-Tone Paint
I can add glitter paint over the main paint color, or add a small contrasting color dot or head color to any Tail Spin for $0.15; to add a full colored back or other accent large accent it will add $0.18.

Chartreuse Glitter over White Paint  Red Nose Paint

Ordering Information:

Individual Tail Spins

Size Hook Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
3/8 oz. 4, 6 each L-TailSpin-3/8-ea-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $3.99
1/2 oz. 4, 6 each L-TailSpin-1/2-ea-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $3.99
5/8 oz. 2, 4, 6 each L-TailSpin-5/8-ea-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $3.99
3/4 oz. 2, 4, 6 each L-TailSpin-3/4-ea-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $3.99

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