Stickbait Hooks

Stickbait Hook

Stickbait fishing for bass involves twitching or jerking soft plastic stickbaits in the upper part of the water column, usually near rocks or other cover or allowing the bait to drop near cover. Stickbait Hooks work very well for this technique and help extend the life of plastic stickbaits bodies by their improved holding power in the nose of the bait; regular hooks tend to tear baits after only a fish or two. Stickbait Hooks are a premium Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hook with a large size stainless steel baitkeeper spring installed; the fluke hooks have the medium size spring. The new stainless steel springs are stronger than the copper HitchHikers. The extra wide gap hook ensures a good hookset even with bulky plastic baits and is strong and sharp enough to handle big bass. The spring is inserted into the nose of the plastic stickbait, holding the bait more securely than a normal worm hook; then the point of the hook is inserted into the bait like a normal Texas rig so that the stickbait can be worked around weeds, rocks or other cover. The red color Stickbait Hooks are available in sizes 3/0 and 4/0 only.

Use: Bass fishing: for fishing stickbaits around cover or in open water.

Mustad 91768BLN: 2/0 (02), 3/0 (03), 4/0 (04)
Mustad 91768RED: 3/0 (23), 4/0 (24)
Eagle Claw EL111BP: 3/0 (13), 4/0 (14)

Ordering Information:

Stickbait Hooks

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
2/0 Each H-Stickbait-2/0-ea-(hook) $1.05
3/0 Each H-Stickbait-3/0-ea-(hook) $1.05
4/0 Each H-Stickbait-4/0-ea-(hook) $1.05
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
2/0 3 H-Stickbait-2/0-b3-(hook) $2.95
3/0 3 H-Stickbait-3/0-b3-(hook) $2.95
4/0 3 H-Stickbait-4/0-b3-(hook) $2.95
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
2/0 6 H-Stickbait-2/0-b6-(hook) $5.75
3/0 6 H-Stickbait-3/0-b6-(hook) $5.75
4/0 6 H-Stickbait-4/0-b6-(hook) $5.75
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
2/0 12 H-Stickbait-2/0-b12-(hook) $11.25
3/0 12 H-Stickbait-3/0-b12-(hook) $11.25
4/0 12 H-Stickbait-4/0-b12-(hook) $11.25

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