SlimLine Finesse Sinker

Slimline Finesse Sinker

The SlimLine Finesse sinkers are used for finesse fishing in tough conditions; the long, slim design fishes through rocks and weeds with less snags than standard round split shot sinkers. The sinker is slid onto the line and rubber strand material similar to jig or spinnerbait skirting is pulled through the center hole with a needle or bobbin threader. The rubber strands hold the sinker in place, but still allow it to be re-positioned without damaging the line. These sinkers feature a 0.050" center hole rather than the standard 0.040" hole to make it easier to thread the rubber strands into the sinker. The SlimLine Finesse kit and packaged sinkers come with rubber strands.

Use: For bass fishing when using the split shot technique.

Sizes: 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., and 3/8 oz.

Ordering Information:

Bulk Bags with rubber strips

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
1/32 oz. 26 S-SlimLine-1/32-b26 $4.15
1/16 oz. 24 S-SlimLine-1/16-b24 $4.15
1/8 oz. 22 S-SlimLine-1/8-b22 $4.15
1/4 oz. 20 S-SlimLine-1/4-b20 $4.15
3/8 oz. 18 S-SlimLine-3/8-b18 $4.15

SlimLine Finesse Sinker Kit

60 SlimLine Finesse Sinkers (12 each sizes 1/32 oz. - 3/8 oz.), rubber strips and a sinker threader in Plano 3449 Box SlimLine Finesse Sinker Kit

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
Kit each S-SlimLine-K $16.50

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