Jig Skirts

Jig Skirt Pattern Chart

All patterns are based on 40 – 45 strands; the strand count is doubled (to 80 - 90 strands) when the strands fold back behind the head. These recipes are just those that I have put together and taken pictures of; if you want a custom pattern made from different colors that you see in these recipes I can make them for you. All I need to know is what colors, how many strands of each color, how you want them placed (mixed or layered) and the color of paint on the jighead or skirt collor color.

I also have some colors of skirt pads that are not shown here, and I can usually get others; if you want something you don't see here, contact me and I may still be able to put a custom pattern together for you. The jighead paint colors shown in the patterns are what I recommend for a particular pattern, but other colors can be substituted. Skirts are made of 100% silicon strands.

Hover your mouse over a jig skirt pattern below to view a bigger image: