Salt Stix Kit

Salt Stix Kit

Soft stickbaits are an effective way to catch fish; they have a seductive wiggle as they sink horizontally through the water when rigged weightless. These Salt Stix are impregnated with enough salt to allow them to be cast easily, plus the salt encourages fish to hold on to the bait longer. The 4" size Salt Stix work well for smallmouths or finicky largemouth.
Kit includes 50 Salt Stix: 10 sticks of each color and 2 each of the 2/0 and 3/0 Fluke Hooks in a Plano 3600 box.

Use: Fish weightless on the Fluke Hooks, rig wacky style, rig on a jighead, Texas rig for use as a flipping bait.

Sizes: 4"

Colors: Baby Bass, Salt & Pepper, Dark Smoke Pepper, Cinnamon/purple flake, Green Pumpkin/chartreuse swirl

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Packaged Item # Retail Price
Each P-H-Stix-K $17.95

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