Pinch-on Sinker

Pinch-on Sinker

The Pinch-on Sinkers make it easy to quickly add or remove weight on a fishing line. Just lay the line in the slot in the sinker and fold over the tabs. To remove you just fold the tabs back out and remove the sinker. The Pinch-on Sinkers are streamlined in shape, so they work well for most fishing techniques. I bought these for a swimbait hook project and then went a different direction, so I am selling them fairly cheap to clear them out.


Use: For general fishing use.

Sizes: 1/16 oz., 3/32 oz., 1/8 oz.

Ordering Information:

Packaged Sinkers

Size Weight Packaged Item # Retail Price
Size 01/16 oz. 12 S-Pinchon-1/16-ea $1.00
Size 13/32 oz. 10 S-Pinchon-3/32-ea $1.00
Size 21/8 oz. 9 S-Pinchon-1/8-ea $1.00

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