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General Information
Elken Enterprises (Elken Lures is the Fishing Products Division) is a small home-based business; I am out of web design school now, but am seeking full time employment. I make the fishing lures (and do websites and newsletters) in my "spare time". I do my best to get orders done and shipped on a timely basis, but I do get buried by orders occasionally. The phone number below is to my cell phone and I usually can be contacted through it.

Order Form
When ordering please use this Elken Excel Order Form or Elken PDF order form and e-mail it to me if you can. The MS Excel file unfortunately doesn't work for all versions of Excel. If not, print the PDF file, fill it out and use it as a guide on what information I need for orders and call or e-mail your order to me.

Information Needed on Orders
I have the Item Numbers for all products now to make it easier to order from the website. When ordering please include the item number or include pertinent information such as package size: each, bulk bag, 3 pack, kit, etc.; hook size and type if more than one hook is listed. I need paint color on any jigheads order and the pattern color for any jigs with skirts. If a jighead has eyes and/or a weedguard, I need information on them as well (see section below).

Color Charts for Weedguards, Eyes and rubber skirt collars.

Skirt Pattern Chart for Bass Jigs.

Options on Orders
When ordering please include include pertinent information on options: on the jigheads with the stick-on eyes you can choose between these colors: red holographic, silver holographic, gold holographic, and chartreuse holographic. On jigheads with fiber weedguards I have black, clear, brown and green pumpkin for colors in the light (0.18" fibers) and medium (0.021" fibers) weedguards and black, brown and red in the heavy (0.024" fibers) weedguards. I also have some multi-color weedguards in the medium weight. If a customer doesn't specify, I will match weedguard colors to the jighead paint and put silver or gold holographic eyes on it.

If you want to customize a lure or jighead by changing some of the components, let me know. Example: the catalog lists a particular jighead with Matzuo Sickle hooks and you want Eagle Claw 570 hooks or Mustad 32746BLN hooks instead; I can usually switch between similar hooks, sometimes for less money, sometimes for added cost. I can't switch between 60 degree and 90 degree hooks or put heavy flipping hooks in a jighead designed for light wire hooks... Here is a chart that shows most of the jig hooks that I stock: Jig Hook Chart.

If you want a custom skirt color, please ask. I have over 425 patterns in my jig recipe book and stock a pretty good assortment of skirt material; I won't be able to match every skirt out there, but I can try... If you want to order a jig with a pattern out of the Jig Pattern Chart, use the skirt pattern number from the chart: (S###).

I can add a glitter clear coat powder paint on top of the regular powder paint for added cost, usually 15¢ per jighead.

Shipping is by US Postal service, usually by Flat Rate Priority boxes; this is the most economical method of shipping for medium to large orders. Depending on jighead size, I can usually ship up to 200+ small jigheads or 50 larger jigheads in the $8.65 small Flat Rate box; big or bulky orders will go in a $14.50 mediumFlat Rate box. I can get a lot of jigs and jigheads in the bigger Flat Rate boxes! For medium sized orders I can une the USPS Regional rate box; it is only for orders up to 15 pounds and the rate is based on how close to Idaho you are. I am now using the USPS Click-N-Ship online postage which means the Flat Rate boxes all come with free tracking and insurance on the first $50 of an order. You will have to ask and pay for extra insurance if you want full insurance on orders more than $50. For small orders I will ship by First Class mail in a padded envelope with delivery tracking through USPS.

Payment can be made by PayPal or Money Order; my PayPal e-mail address is: sday@speedyquick.net. I can’t process credit cards other than through PayPal. You can pay with a credit card through PayPal without setting up an account. I can make it easier by sending you a PayPal payment request. Money Orders can be mailed to my address shown below in the Contact Info below.

Contact Information
My e-mail address is: elken.idaho@gmail.com
My cell phone number is (208) 337-6111
My Mailing Address is: Steve Day, 16135 Glenna Drive, Wilder, ID 83676


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