Tackle Kits

Elken tackle kits are plastic bait assortments packaged with Elken products in Plano tackle boxes. All of the plastic baits are ones that I have had luck with when fishing.

Plastic Baits Color Chart

Salt Stix Kit 4" Salt Stix Kit
Carolina Creature Kit Carolina Creature Kit
Fluke Kit Fluke Kit
Frog Kit Frog Kit
Spider Grub Kit Spider Grub Jig Kit
Weedless Spider Grub Kit Weedless Spider Grub Jig Kit

Other Fishing Items

Add-on Blades Add-on Blades
Trailer Blades Trailer Blades
Bass Deflation Kit Bass Deflation "Fizzing" Kit
Fishing Scissors Fishing Scissors
Jig Rattles Jig Rattles
Wacky O-rings Wacky O-rings