Jig Worm

Jig Worm

Finesse fishing is a very effective technique for tough fishing conditions and pressured fish; it calls for light line, light rods and subtle baits. Jig worms excel in finesse fishing for bass. Jig Worms feature tapered, wedge-shaped jigheads with oven-cured powder paint and eye sockets for the reflective holographic eyes. These jigheads have sharp Black Nickel Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp hooks; the hooks are tempered light wire hook designed to stick and easily penetrate a fish's mouth, even on light bites. Matzuo Black Nickel Sickle hooks are another choice for these jigheads. Small straight or curly tailed finesse worms are threaded onto the jigheads to complete the lure. This bait is either swam slowly at mid-depths for suspended fish, dragged or hopped on the bottom or shaken as it falls to the bottom. This head is designed to resist snags on rocky bottoms, and gets in where others can’t! It slips between stones that would hang up a typical round head jig.

Use: Jig worm fishing with finesse worms, grubs or other plastic baits.

Sizes: 1/16 oz., 3/32 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz.

Hooks: Eagle Claw LS Hooks: 2/0 (22), 3/0 (23)
Matzuo BN Sickle Hooks: #2 (12), #1 (11), 1/0 (01), 2/0 (02), 3/0 (03), 4/0 (04)

Eyes: Gold Holo (E01), Silver Holo (E02), Red Holo (E03), Chartreuse Holo (E04), Pink Holo (E07), Red Fluor (E05), Chartreuse Fluor (E06)

3-D Eyes: 3-D eyes are available for an additional $0.10 per jighead.
Gold 3-D (E11), Silver 3-D (E12), Red 3-D (E13), Chartreuse 3-D (E14), Pink 3-D (E17)

Jig Paint Colors:
Plain – unpainted(P00), Black(P01), Black -Blue Flake(P02), Brown Smoke(P03), Brown(P04), Root Beer(P05), Copperhead(P06), Pumpkinseed(P07), Gold(P32), Light Gold(P30), Green Pumpkin(P08), Dark Green Pumpkin(P09), Roadkill(P35), Green Gourd(P10), Watermelon(P11), Watermelon-Red Flake(P25), Baby Bass(P12), Dark Baby Bass(P23), Watermelon Pepper(P13), Yellow (P26), Yellow Chartreuse(P27), Green Chartreuse(P14), Glow Flame Orange(P15), Flor Orange(P38), Pearl Pink(P33), Hot Pink(P16), Red(P17), Raspberry(P36), Purple(P18), Junebug(P19), CandyBug(P29), Blue Smoke (P34), Blue (P28), Sapphire (P37), Dragonfly (P22), Silver (P31), Gray Smoke(P24), Smoke Pearl(P20), Pearl White(P21)

Glitter Paint Colors:
Holographic Gold Glitter (G01), Holographic Silver Glitter (G02), Firecracker Glitter (G03), Chartreuse Glitter (G04), Green Glitter (G05), Blue Glitter (G06), Purple Glitter (G07), Red Glitter (G08), Orange Glitter (G09), Black Glitter (G10)

View Jig Paint Colors in the Jig Paint Color Chart

Ordering Information:

Packaged 1 Jig Worm Jighead and 3 Finesse Worms

Size Hook Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
1/16 oz. #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0 6 pack RJ-JigWorm-1/16-6pk-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $5.95
3/32 oz. #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0 6 pack RJ-JigWorm-3/32-6pk-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $5.95
1/8 oz. #2, #1, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 6 pack RJ-JigWorm-1/8-6pk-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $5.95
1/4 oz. 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 6 pack RJ-JigWorm-1/4-6pk-(color)-(Hook)-(eye) $5.95

Jig Worm Kit with 12 Jigheads (3 each size) and 25 Finesse Worms in a Plano 3450 Tackle Box

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
Kit Each RJ-JigWorm-K-(color) $13.95

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