Jig Rattles

Jig Rattles

The Elken Jig Rattles feature a rubber collar with two flexible arms with rattles holders and two rattles with hard plastic cases with steel balls. The Jig Rattles can be easily added to a jig by simply slipping the collar over a hook and sliding it up against the skirt collar. A lot of anglers prefer to fish jigs with rattles as they really help bass home in on a lure especially when used in heavy cover, dirty water or fishing at night. The flexible arms of these Jig Rattles wave around with the slightest movement of the jig producing fish-attracting noise.


Use: Add rattles to jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits or other lures.

Sizes: 3-1/4” long

Colors: Black, Clear, or Red finish with black rubber strap

Ordering Information:

Packaged Item # Retail Price
5 Rattles-5p-(black) $5.75
5 Rattles-5p-(clear) $5.75
5 Rattles-5p-(red) $5.75
Packaged Item # Retail Price
12 Rattles-12p-(black) $13.50
12 Rattles-12p-(clear) $13.50
12 Rattles-12p-(red) $13.50