Elken Lures has a good assortment of hooks designed for special fishing techniques; they run from a small #6 Sickle Dropshot Hook to 9/0 Swimbait Hooks with lots of choices in between!

Fluke Hook Fluke Hooks Weighted Fluke Hook Weighted Fluke Hooks
Frog/Toad Hooks Toad / Frog Hooks Weighted Frog/Toad Hook Weighted Toad / Frog Hooks
Stickbait Hook Stickbait Hooks
Sickle Drop Shot Hook Sickle Drop Shot Hooks SoftBarb Hook SoftBarb Hooks
Kahle Hook Kahle© Hooks Weedless Wacky Hook Weedless Wacky Hooks
Trailer Hook Trailer Hooks -Regular and Pro Style