Fluke Kit

Fluke Kit

Fluke fishing for bass involves twitching or jerking soft plastic flukes to imitate an injured baitfish, usually near rocks, weeds or other cover. After jerking the bait and making it dart, allow it to fall and flutter; this perfectly imitates the actions of a dying or injured baitfish. These flukes feature a soft body keeps fish hanging on to the bait longer and a hook slot for improved hooksets and weedless rigging.
Kit includes 5 flukes of each color for 25 flukes and 2 each of the 2/0 and 3/0 Fluke Hooks in a Plano 3600 box.

Use: Fish weightless on the Fluke Hooks, use as a bait on a Carolina rig, rig on a jighead, Texas rig for use as a flipping bait.

Sizes: 5"

Colors: Pearl white, alewife, Shad, Baby Bass, Smokin’ Blue Shad

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Packaged Item # Retail Price
Kit P-H-Fluke-K $17.95

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