Finesse Dropshot Sinker

Finesse Dropshot Sinker

Drop shot fishing is a hot and fairly new technique. It is primarily used for bass fishing, but works very well for trout or panfish too. The sinker is on the bottom of the line and the hook and lure are up the line 6" to 24" (or more). The Finesse drop shot sinkers feature the long, slim "finesse" design which allows them to be worked through rocks and vegetation with fewer snags. The sinkers are also available in the round shape. The special quick clip swivel allows the line to be quickly attached to the sinker by inserting it into the open part of the swivel and sliding it up into the "Vee". If the sinker does snag, a steady pull will either pull the line out of the clip or cut it off at the clip, allowing the bait and hook to be reeled up and another sinker added with no re-tying.

Use: For using the drop shot technique for bass, panfish or any other fish that are suspended a few feet off the bottom.

Sizes: 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., 5/8 oz.

Ordering Information:

packaged Finesse Drop Shot Sinkers

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
1/16 oz. 24 S-FinesseDS-1/16-b24 $7.75
1/8 oz. 22 S-FinesseDS-1/8-b22 $7.75
3/16 oz. 21 S-FinesseDS-3/16-b21 $7.75
1/4 oz. 20 S-FinesseDS-1/4-b20 $7.75
378 oz. 18 S-FinesseDS-3/8-b18 $7.75
1/2 oz. 16 S-FinesseDS-1/2-b16 $7.75
5/8 oz. 14 S-FinesseDS-5/8-b14 $7.75
Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
1/16 oz. 50 S-FinesseDS-1/16-b50 $14.50
1/8 oz. 50 S-FinesseDS-1/8-b50 $15.75
3/16 oz. 50 S-FinesseDS-3/16-b50 $16.50
1/4 oz. 50 S-FinesseDS-1/4-b50 $17.25
378 oz. 50 S-FinesseDS-3/8-b50 $19.25
1/2 oz. 50 S-FinesseDS-1/2-b50 $21.75
5/8 oz. 50 S-FinesseDS-5/8-b50 $24.75

Drop Shot Kit

Finesse Dropshot Sinker Kit The drop shot kit features 48 dropshot sinkers, 12 drop shot hooks and an instruction label inside the lid of the Plano 3449 Box that shows how to tie the Palomar knot used when drop shot fishing.

Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
Kit each S-FinesseDS-K $18.49

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