Carolina Creature Kit

Carolina Creature Kit

These paddletail ring worms are excellent Carolina rig baits, but they can also be effective Texas rigged for flipping. The "rings" on the body of the bait provide movement and vibration in dirty water so that bass can zero in on the bait. The paddle on the tail can be fished stock or split into three sections for more action. The Carolina Creatures are salt impregnated so that fish will hold onto the bait.
Kit includes 50 Carolina Creatures: 5 of each color Skirted Paddletail and 10 each of the regular Paddletails in a Plano 3600 box.

Use: Multiple uses: use as a bait on a Carolina rig, rig on a jighead, or use as a flipping bait.

Sizes: 5"

Colors: Skirted Paddletail Creatures: Irish Whiskey, Smoke Pumpkinseed
Paddletail Creatures: Irish Whiskey, Root Beer Christmas, Cinnamon/purple flake, Smoke/copper flake

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Each P-Carolina-K $12.50

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