Buzz Frog

Buzz Frog

The BuzzFrog combines two effective topwater presentations into one hot lure. It is an inline buzzbait with an Elken Toad/Frog Hook and plastic frog body installed on the back. The buzzbait section features two counter-rotating blades that make more noise and track straighter than single blade buzzbaits. The back half features a premium Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hook with a stainless steel keeper spring installed to hold the frog. The extra wide gap hook ensures a good hookset even with the bulky plastic frog baits and is strong and sharp enough to handle big bass. The keeper spring is inserted into the nose of the plastic toad/frog, holding it more securely than a normal worm hook. The point of the hook is inserted into the bait like a normal Texas rig. With the frog Texas-rigged, this buzzbait is fairly weedless.

Use: For bass fishing; work lure on or just below surface of the water.

Hooks: 4/0 (04), 5/0 (05)

Frog Body Colors: Pearl/Chartreuse(F01), Black/Chartreuse(F02), Pearl White(F03), Green Pumpkin(F04), Watermelon/Pearl(F05)

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Ordering Information:

BuzzFrog with 4" Frog Body

Hook Size Packaged Item # Retail Price
4/0, 5/0 each LBuzzFrog-(body)-(Hook) $6.09