Elken Bragging Board

Free Jig!

I like to hear from my customers that are doing well using my products, so starting July 15, 2009, Elken Customers sending in a picture(s) of big fish caught with an Elken lure or jig for use on the Bragging Board will receive a free Elken jig!

For each picture sent in, please include the following information:

    Your name
    Species of fish
    Size or weight
    What Elken lure or jig you caught it on
    Where you caught it
    Date the fish was caught
    Any other information you want to include

The limit on this offer is one free jig per customer per month.
You can send the pictures and info to the e-mail address at the
bottom of the menu on the left.

Thanks to everyone for using Elken lures!

Hover your mouse over the underlined text in the stories below to view photos in a temporary pop-up window.